This Dad is a fun-loving and spiritually committed father. He likes to garden, play guitar, fix things around the house, and is fiercely competitive with his old school friend and neighbour, Peter. Although he is a modest fisherman, he often perceives more than he lets on.


Busy mother, skilled scientist, organiser extraordinaire, there isn’t much that Marica can’t do. She is in love with her family and God and keeps the whole family on their toes, always waiting to save the day when necessary. One last thing that can’t be forgotten, she cooks a mean curry too.


A twelve-year-old going on eighteen, Lome loves to keep her social channels current and trending. Like any pre-teen, her family is important to her, but she doesn’t always show it. Salome is an independent girl who loves to hang out with her friend and never forgets her favourite accessory, her phone!


This sensitive nine-year-old is more at home with a comic book and computer than in nature (although he does love a bit of footy with friends). With comic book in hand, and best friend Kosta by his side, and a prayer, he is ready to take on nearly any challenge.


Named after his Grandfather (Solomoni) Tukana. Tuks is everyone’s favourite. He is a very smart and observant 18th month old. He loves his food and playing with his siblings.


This Dad is a fun-loving and spiritually committed father. He likes to garden, play guitar, fix things around the house, and is fiercely His father migrated out to Australia during the 1950’s and they settled in QLD working on cane farms. Although he has learnt the Australian way, Greece is still his mother country and he is proud of it. He is a hard worker, jack of all trades and knows the value of a dollar. Although he can come across loud and hard minded he has a huge soft heart.


Even though he is the son of a cane farmer he likes fast cars, nice clothes and fine restaurants. He is driven to succeed and can’t wait to leave the quiet life behind him. He is always trying to come up with a get rich quick plan, but usually lacks the determination to pull it off. He comes across self-centred to those that don’t know him, but he will do anything for the people that he loves.


He is kind, gentle and caring. He is a mummys’ boy and lives in the shadows of his older brother. He cares about ethics so much that by doing the ‘right’ thing he is honest to the point where he might hurt some ones feelings. He is a bit clumsy sometimes.


He is an Australian born Vietnamese, son of refugees, but as Australian as they come. He was driven to success by his parents and now owns a successful hotel. He is quick minded, sharp and self-reliant, which often leads to problems.

Emma & Emily

These inseparable twins are on the cutting edge of fashion and technology. They are confident, smart and outspoken. Even though they seem to have it all they are still kind, inclusive and encouraging to others around them.